Presentation: "Social networks and the Richness of Data: Getting distributed webservices done with Nosql"

Time: Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00

Location: Westminster Suite


Social networks by their nature deal with large amounts of user-generated data that must be processed and presented in a time sensitive manner. Much more write intensive than previous generations of websites, social networks have been on the leading edge of non-relational persistence technology adoption. This talk presents how Germany's leading social networks Schuelervz, Studivz and Meinvz are incorporating Redis and Project Voldemort into their platform to run features like activity streams.

Keywords: Architecture, Scalability, Project Voldemort, RabbitMQ, Redis, Nginx, Social Network

Target Audience: Any developer interested in social networks, alternative storage solutions and architectures.

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Fabrizio Schmidt, Senior Backend Developer

 Fabrizio  Schmidt

Fabrizio Schmidt is working as Senior Backend Developer at VZnet , the company behind the three platforms, and ( is today Germany's largest website). He has been working on the Opensocial Container Integration, the Chat and is currently building a scalable, high performance activity stream backend. Fabrizio is studying computer science at the University of Hagen.

Lars George, System Architects

 Lars  George
Lars George is a Senior Architect at VZnet and consultant in the area of large scale, fail-safe, scalable and (usually) web-oriented systems. He has a degree in Information Technologies from Fachhochschule Giessen-Friedberg. Lars is a committer for the Apache HBase project and is running Hadoop and HBase based clusters since the end of 2007 and has experience with a wide range of similiar NoSQL coined systems. He presented on NoSQL and HBase at various Hadoop User Group meetings as well as at the 2010 FOSDEM NoSQL DevRoom. More can be found on his blog at