Schedule - complete list of presentations

[Tutorials March 7-8: Monday |Tuesday |Conference March 9-11: Wednesday |Thursday |Friday]

Track: Tutorials


Track: Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Host: Floyd Marinescu

Presentation: "Behind the Scenes at Visa"

Speakers: John Davies

Presentation: "Data Architecture at Twitter Scale"

Speakers: Nick Kallen

Presentation: "Netflix’s Cloud Data Architecture"

Speakers: Siddharth Anand

Presentation: "OnLive?s Launch Experiences and Real Time Gaming Architecture"

Speakers: Tom Paquin

Presentation: "Scaling the Social Graph: Infrastructure at Facebook"

Speakers: Jason Sobel

Track: Future of Java

Host: Charles Humble

Presentation: "Java without GC pauses: keeping up with Moore's law and living in a virtualized world."

Speakers: Gil Tene

Presentation: "Java's Youthful Maturity"

Speakers: Danny Coward

Presentation: "OSGi - The Missing Piece of the Jigsaw"

Speakers: Ian Robinson

Presentation: "Spring 3.1 and Beyond - Themes and Trends"

Speakers: Juergen Hoeller

Presentation: "The future of Java EE"

Speakers: Jerome Dochez

Track: NoSQL: Where and How

Host: Alex Popescu

Presentation: "HBase @ Facebook"

Presentation: "NoSQL@Netflix"

Speakers: Siddharth Anand

Presentation: "Nokia: Lessons learnt migrating a very large and highly-relational database into a "classic" NoSQL"

Speakers: Enda Farrell

Presentation: "Using a Graph Database to power the Web Of Things"

Presentation: "Why I chose MongoDB for"

Speakers: Matthew Wall

Track: HTML5, the Platform

Host: Dionysios Synodinos

Presentation: "HTML 5 Design/Development Tooling (+ HTML and Flash)"

Presentation: "HTML5 @ Facebook"

Speakers: David Recordon

Presentation: "HTML5 and the dawn of rich mobile web applications"

Speakers: James Pearce

Presentation: "Secure Distributed Programming on EcmaScript 5 + HTML5 platforms"

Speakers: Mark S. Miller

Presentation: "Single Page Apps and the Future of History"

Track: Next-Generation Financial Technology

Host: Kirk Wylie

Presentation: "Complex Event Processing: DSL for High Frequency Trading"

Presentation: "Finance in the Information Era; A New Stack for a New Reality"

Speakers: Sean Park

Presentation: "Futures Trade Flow: Innovation in Trade Processing"

Speakers: Ian Bond

Presentation: "Going Beyond The Data Grid: Coherence, Normalisation, Joins and Linear Scalability"

Speakers: Ben Stopford

Presentation: "Large Scale Integration (in Financial Services"

Speakers: John Davies

Track: Software Craftsmanship

Host: Kevlin Henney

Presentation: "Better is Better"

Speakers: Steve Freeman

Presentation: "Craft and Software Engineering"

Presentation: "Deliberate Practice"

Speakers: Jon Jagger

Presentation: "Team Leadership in the Age of Agile"

Speakers: Roy Osherove

Presentation: "The Beginner's Mind"

Speakers: Patrick Kua

Track: Enterprise Agile Transformation

Host: Russ Miles

Presentation: "Agile Operations - optimising the business one shell script at a time"

Presentation: "Contracts & Collaboration in Agile “Offshore” Outsourced Development"

Speakers: Craig Larman

Presentation: "Learning and perverse incentives: "The Evil Hat""

Speakers: Liz Keogh

Presentation: "The Kiev Experiment": Evolving Agile Partnerships"

Presentation: "Why don't we learn!?"

Speakers: Russ Miles

Track: Functional Web

Host: Steve Vinoski

Presentation: "A True Conversational Web"

Speakers: Robert Virding

Presentation: "Clojure and the Web"

Presentation: "High-performance web applications in Haskell"

Speakers: Gregory Collins

Presentation: "Node.js: Asynchronous I/O for Fun and Profit"

Speakers: Stefan Tilkov

Presentation: "Webmachine: a practical executable model of HTTP"

Speakers: Justin Sheehy

Track: When Things Break

Host: Ulf Wiger

Presentation: "Distributed Systems, Databases, and Resilience"

Speakers: Justin Sheehy

Presentation: "Let It Crash...Except When You Shouldn't"

Speakers: Steve Vinoski

Presentation: "Remediation patterns - how to achieve low risk releases"

Speakers: Jez Humble

Presentation: "Solving SOA challenges: Building reliable systems from unreliable components"

Presentation: "Testing for the unexpected"

Speakers: Ulf Wiger

Track: .NET State of the Art

Host: Greg Young

Presentation: "Advanced Reflection"

Presentation: "Building composite applications in a package-managed world"

Speakers: Seb Lambla

Presentation: "Compile-time verification, it's not just for type safety any more"

Speakers: Greg Young

Presentation: "LINQ, take two – realizing the LINQ to Everything dream"

Speakers: Bart De Smet

Presentation: "Rx: your prescription to cure asynchronous programming blues"

Speakers: Bart De Smet

Track: Building Systems With REST

Host: Jim Webber

Presentation: "Building Best Buy's BBY Open RESTful Commerce Engine"

Speakers: Brian Sletten

Presentation: "Building a ReSTful architecture on .net with OpenRasta"

Speakers: Seb Lambla

Presentation: "Getting Things Done with REST"

Speakers: Ian Robinson.

Presentation: "Make yourself comfortable and REST with .NET"

Speakers: Glenn Block

Presentation: "Using Hypermedia Services for System Integration"

Speakers: Tim Ewald

Track: iOS4 and Android

Host: Adrian Kosmaczewski

Presentation: "Do's and dont's on Android."

Presentation: "Introduction to iOS Software Development"

Presentation: "Making Apps That Don't Suck"

Speakers: Mike Lee

Presentation: "Mobile app privacy: you're doing it wrong (and so am I)"

Speakers: Graham Lee

Presentation: "The Invisible Computer Lab"

Speakers: Fraser Speirs

Track: Design and Objects 2011

Host: Floyd Marinescu

Presentation: "Design in the face of scale and change@Facebook"

Speakers: Nick Schrock

Presentation: "Events, They are not just for notifications"

Speakers: Greg Young

Presentation: "It Is Possible to Do Object-Oriented Programming in Java"

Speakers: Kevlin Henney

Presentation: "Large-scale pure OO at the Irish Government"

Speakers: Richard Pawson

Presentation: "Yet another Language? What's the Point of DSLs in todays polyglot Programming Environment"

Speakers: Michael Hunger

Track: Lean and Kanban: Learning Through Systems Thinking

Host: Karl Scotland

Presentation: "Can the Kanban Method avoid becoming another Management Fad"

Presentation: "Complexity vs. Lean: The Big Showdown"

Speakers: Jurgen Appelo

Presentation: "Kanban System Design"

Speakers: Karl Scotland

Presentation: "Using design thinking to stop building worthless software"

Speakers: Jeff Patton

Presentation: "When the pressure is really on: A ?rough and ready? application of Lean and Kanban at the BBC"

Speakers: Katherine Kirk

Track: Software Architecture Improvements

Host: Michael Hunger

Presentation: "From months to minutes - upping the stakes"

Speakers: Dan North

Presentation: "Putting the "re" into Architecture"

Speakers: Kevlin Henney

Presentation: "Software quality – you know it when you see it"

Presentation: "Stop the Architecture Erosion!"

Speakers: Bernhard Merkle

Presentation: "Where Did My Architecture Go? Preserving software architecture in its implementation"

Speakers: Eoin Woods

Track: Solution Track: Friday


Presentation: ""Yes, SQL!""

Speakers: Uri Cohen

Presentation: "A Bit of Algebra: Massive Amounts of In-memory Key/Value Storage + In-Memory Search + Java == NoSQL Killer?"

Speakers: Kunal Bhasin

Presentation: "Performance Tuning for Java Applications"

Speakers: George Barnett

Presentation: "Unifying Front-Office and Risk Applications Using The OpenGamma Platform"

Speakers: Kirk Wylie

Presentation: "Where Exploration and Automation meet: Leveraging your investment in automated functional tests"

Speakers: Andy Kemp

Track: Solution Track: Wednesday


Presentation: "Bringing developers and testers closer together with Visual Studio"

Speakers: Giles Davies

Presentation: "Lean Programmer Anarchy"

Speakers: Fred George

Presentation: "Take a Ride on Camel"

Speakers: James Strachan

Presentation: "Unifying the Search Engine and NoSQL DBMS with a Universal Index"

Speakers: Jason Hunter

Presentation: "Who Moved My Module"

Speakers: Yoav Landman

Track: Solutions Track: Performance and Scalability


Presentation: "Enterprise Middleware for the 21st Century"

Speakers: Mark Little

Presentation: "Performance and Scalability panel"

Presentation: "Releasing Fast Code: The DevOps Approach to Performance"

Speakers: Andreas Grabner

Presentation: "Scalable, Low-latency Trading Infrastructure"

Speakers: Cameron Purdy

Presentation: "The JCP and the Future of Java"

Schedule Subject to Change