QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for technical team leads, architects, and project managers who influence software innovation in their teams.

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Last Years Tracks at QCon London 2014

Technical Track

Big Data Architectures:
Case studies from NASA and the Guardian delve into the fundamentals and design considerations of systems based on the Hadoop ecosystem of technologies.

Bleeding Edge HTML5 & JavaScript:
Case studies from Netflix and the Financial Times explore mobile Web performance, best-practices, deployment patterns and more.

Everything about Computer Science: Revisit some of the fundamentals of CS – Regular Expressions, the network stack, floating points, and more - through the eyes of leading thinkers in our industry.

High Scalable Architectures:
Case studies from Twitter, Wix, and others showcase technology behind big applications & how to design for high scalability.

Privacy & Security:
After revelations about spying and systematic undermining of the most fundamental security solutions, trust is in short supply. Learn about what went wrong, and what can be done to make things right again.

Technical Track

Building Integrated Applications with Web Technologies:
We'll look at innovative, lightweight & free integration solutions.

Their secrets of success, the technologies and processes that worked and the painful lessons learnt along the way.

Making the Internet of Things:
Low cost development boards, like Arduino & Raspberry Pi, trigger a renaissance in hardware hacking. Hear some of the makers on the leading edge of this phenomenon.

Next Gen Cloud:
Explore multi-cloud services, multi-layered clouds, specialist clouds & how to engineer applications to take advantage of the next generation of cloud services.

Not Only Java:
WA deep dive into common Java GC issues, performance tuning challenges, Lambdas & Streams in Java 8, and more.

People over Process in the Real World:
Explore different facets of "people in technology" from a variety of fun, challenging and surprising perspectives.

Technical Track

Reactive Programming:
Explore real world uses of reactive programming with Rx in Java & JavaScript, client side uses of reactive programming, event driven programming, the concepts & more.

Real Agile Delivery with DevOps:
Learn about the process, technology, and practice of Continuous Delivery and DevOps through case studies from Esty, a small international bank, and others.

Real Data Science:
See how organizations like NASA, Spotify, and others are successfully extracting value from their data & using it to their good.

Tales of Resilience, Fault Tolerance & Recovery:
Consistency, Availability, Partition tolerance. You know you can't have all three, but how do you make the trade-offs? Learn how from some, successful real world examples.

True Mobile & Beyond:
Learn how to interact with new types of interfaces and the "Internet of Things": wristbands, glasses, watches, and the next generation of mobile devices.

Some of the Speakers at QCon London

Jafar Husain
Technical Lead at Netflix
Brian McCallister
CTO of Platform at Groupon
Eva Andreasson
Pioneer of Deterministic Garbage Collection
Andrew Betts
Director of the Financial Times' Labs division
Chris Mattmann
Software Designer at NASA

Nathan Marz
Creator of the Storm and Cascalog open-source projects
Graham Tackley
Director of Architecture, Guardian News and Media
Michael T. Nygard
Author of "Release It!"
Tim Lister
Co-Author "Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams"
Gunter Dueck
Management Expert & Member of "World 2.0"

Damon Edwards
Co-Founder of DTO Solutions
Tim Bray
Father of XML - Uncle of Search Engines
Erik Meijer
Creator RX, LINQ
Joe Armstrong
Co-Inventor of Erlang
Dan North
Originator of BDD