2019 Talk Videos

Over the course of the next 4 months, you can take a trip down memory lane and experience the presentations you attended or the ones you missed due to conflicting presentations. Videos of the presentations will be posted on InfoQ.com Enterprise Software Development Community. Below you can find the publication calendar:
25 MAR
  1. Mature Microservices and How to Operate Them
  2. Cultivating Production Excellence - Taming Complex Distributed Systems
  3. The Three Faces of DevSecOps
  4. Fine-grained Sandboxing with V8 Isolates
  5. Lessons from 300k+ Lines of Infrastructure Code
  • Sarah Wells
  • Liz Fong-Jones
  • Guy Podjarny
  • Kenton Varda
  • Yevgeniy Brikman
  1. Complex Event Flows in Distributed Systems
  2. Risk of Climate Change and What Tech Can Do
  3. Building Artificial General Intelligence
  4. Restoring Confidence in Microservices: Tracing That's More than Traces
  5. Using Quantum Computers to Simulate Chemistry
  • Bernd Ruecker
  • Jason Box & Paul Johnston
  • Peter Morgan
  • Ben Sigelman
  • Peter Morgan
  1. Progressive Delivery
  2. Interaction Protocols: It's All About Good Manners
  3. Cloud Native CI/CD with Jenkins X and Knative Pipelines
  4. Performance: What's Next?
  5. Who Broke Prod? - Growing Teams Who Can Fail Without Fear
  6. Panel: Java Is Still Free?
  • James Governor
  • Martin Thompson
  • Christie Wilson & James Rawlings
  • Sadiq Jaffer, Richard Warburton, Martin Thompson, Nitsan Wakart, Howard Chu & Monica Beckwith
  • Emma Button
  • Martijn Verburg, Stephen Hellberg, Simon Ritter & Donald Smith
15 APR
  1. Applying Concurrency Cookbook Recipes to SPEC JBB
  2. Develop Hundreds of Kubernetes Services at Scale with Airbnb
  3. Novel Algos and Optimizations in JCTools Concurrent Queues
  4. How to Tell Your Boss Story Points Are a Terrible Metric
  5. Continuous Profiling in Production: What, Why and How
  • Monica Beckwith
  • Melanie Cebula
  • Nitsan Wakart
  • Liz Ince & Chris Wilkinson
  • Richard Warburton & Sadiq Jaffer
22 APR
  1. Peddle the Pedal to the Metal
  2. Airbnb's Great Migration: Building Services at Scale
  3. Real-World Examples of FaaS
  4. Test-Driven Machine Learning
  5. BBC iPlayer: Architecting for TV
  • Howard Chu
  • Jessica Tai
  • John Graham-Cumming
  • Detlef Nauck
  • David Buckhurst
29 APR
  1. Graal: Not Just a New JIT for the JVM
  2. Life of a Packet through Istio
  3. Otherworldly Java: Gateway to the Moon and beyond
  4. The Evolving Practice of Security
  5. Life beyond Java 8
  • Duncan MacGregor
  • Matt Turner
  • Diane Craig Davis
  • Michael Brunton-Spall
  • Trisha Gee
  1. Unikernels Aren't Dead, They're Just Not Containers
  2. How to Prevent Catastrophic Failure in Production ML Systems
  3. What We Got Wrong: Lessons from the Birth of Microservices
  • Per Buer
  • Martin Goodson
  • Ben Sigelman
13 MAY
  1. Intuition & Use-Cases of Embeddings in NLP & beyond
  2. Understanding Deep Learning
  3. H2O's Driverless AI: An AI that creates AI
  4. LinuxKit
  5. Panel: Secure Isolation of Applications
  • Jay Alammar
  • Jessica Yung
  • Marios Michailidis
  • Avi Deitcher
  • Justin Cormack, Jessie Frazelle, Per Buer, Allison Randall & Kenton Varda
20 MAY
  1. A Journey into Intel’s SGX
  2. Scaling for the Known Unknown
  3. The Future of Operating Systems on RISC-V
  4. Balancing Risk and Psychological Safety
  5. Habito: The Purely-Functional Mortgage Broker
  • Jessie Frazelle
  • Suhail Patel
  • Alex Bradbury
  • Andrea Dobson
  • Will Jones
27 MAY
  1. Corda: Looking Forward and Back, Blockchain on a JVM Stack
  2. Panel: Bleeding Edge at Hyperspeed With No Breaks and No Breaches
  3. Change Is the Only Constant
  4. Powering Flexible Payments in the Cloud with Kubernetes
  5. Open Banking - Tales from the Frontier
  • Carolyne Quinn & Mike Ward
  • Greg Hawkins, Jason Maude, Suhail Patel, Ana Calin, Will Jones & Carolyne Quinn
  • Stuart Davidson
  • Ana Calin
  • Anca Zaharia & Jason Maude
  1. Choosing Kubernetes: Managing Risk in Cloud Infrastructure
  2. WebAssembly and the Future of the Web Platform
  3. Avoiding Getting on the News by Investigating Near Misses
  4. RSocket: Solving Real-World Architectural Challenges
  5. Orchestrating Robot Swarms with Java
  • Ben Butler-Cole
  • Ashley Williams
  • Ed Holland
  • Robert Roeser, Andy Shi & Ondrej Lehecka
  • Matthew Cornford
10 JUN
  1. Discovering Culture Through Artifacts
  2. Reactive Systems' Architecture
  3. What Lies Between: The Challenges of Operationalising Microservices
  4. Learning from Chaos: Architecting for Resilience
  5. Using Your Super Powers to Boost Your Career Development
  • Mike McGarr
  • Jan Machacek & Matthew Squire
  • Colin Breck
  • Russ Miles
  • Francisco Jordano
17 JUN
  1. When and How to Win with New Programming Languages
  2. People Are More Complex Than Computers
  3. How Rust Views Tradeoffs
  4. Why Continuations are Coming to Java
  5. Ethos(s): Enabling Community and Culture
  • Noel Welsh
  • Mairead O'Connor
  • Stephen Klabnik
  • Ron Pressler
  • Robyn Bergeron
24 JUN
  1. Panel: Future of Languages
  2. Using Randomized Communication for Robust, Scalable Systems
  3. Speed the Right Way: Design and Security in Agile
  4. Unique Resiliency of the Erlang VM, the BEAM and Erlang OTP
  5. Securing Services Using SSO
  • Andrea Magnorsky, Noel Welsh, Ashley Williams, Stephen Klabnik & Ron Pressler
  • Jon Currey
  • Kevin Gilpin
  • Irina Guberman
  • Shraya Ramani
  1. Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones
  2. An Engineer's Guide to a Good Night's Sleep
  3. Why Should We Care about Technology Ethics?
  4. Build Node.js APIs Using Serverless
  5. Building and Scaling a High-Performance Culture
  • Simon Wardley
  • Nicky Wrightson
  • Catherine Flick
  • Simona Cotin
  • Randy Shoup
  1. A Guided Journey of Cloud-Native Featuring Monzo
  2. A New Way to Profile Node.js
  3. Take Control of Your Career: A Personal Growth Framework
  4. Creating a Trusted Narrative for Data-Driven Technology
  5. A Continuation of Devops: Policy as Code
  • Cheryl Hung & Matt Heath
  • Matteo Collina
  • Aaron Randall
  • Indra Joshi
  • Gareth Rushgrove
15 JUL
  1. State Management for React Using Context and Hooks
  2. Amplifying Sources of Resilience: What Research Says
  3. Why Culture Change Can Blow Up in Your Face, and How to Prevent It
  4. Automatic Clustering at Snowflake
  5. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Vlad Zelinschi
  • John Allspaw
  • Katherine Kirk
  • Prasanna Rajaperumal
  • Andy Walker
22 JUL
  1. Variety: The Secret of Scale
  2. Non-Traditional Moves into Tech: A Blessing and a Curse?
  3. Programming the Cloud with TypeScript
  4. Streaming Log Analytics with Kafka
  5. Designing an Ethical Chatbot
  • Cat Swetel
  • Robert Rees, Charlotte Fereday, Misa Ogura, Anne Byrne & Stephan Fowler
  • Luke Hoban
  • Kresten Thorup
  • Steve Worswick
29 JUL
  1. Cloud-Native Data Pipelines with Apache Kafka
  2. Bringing JAMStack to the Enterprise
  3. Building Resilient Serverless Systems
  4. How Condé Nast Succeeds by a Culture that Embraces Failure
  5. Sapienz: Automated Test Design and Bug Fixing
  • Gwen Shapira
  • Jamund Ferguson
  • John Chapin
  • Crystal Hirschorn
  • Nadia Alshahwan
  1. Functional Composition
  2. Becoming a Fully Buzzword Compliant Developer
  3. Effective Ethics for Busy People
  • Chris Ford
  • Trisha Gee
  • Kingsley Davies
Note: These dates are subject to change without notice.