Speaker: Douglas Talbot

Founder at DOSE Dynamics

Doug Talbot is a passionate technologist. He has worked in technology forever, from coder to VP. He is most at home leading technology groups and has lead tech in startups, science, banking, government, and retail. He has spent 15 years driving technology improvement through innovation, agility and culture. He is obsessed by organisational dysfunctions and how to create the most amazing organisations from technology teams to C-level. When not VP/CTO he leads a small independent consultancy, and has provided expertise to everyone from Science startups, to Ocado and international governments. He is an editor for InfoQ on Culture and Methods and is a thought leader and conference speaker on Agile and Organisation Dynamics. Doug is a New Zealander currently living in London and travels as much as possible to see the world the way other people see it and climb rock faces.

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