Presentation: "JavaScript in the Enterprise"

Time: Wednesday 17:15 - 18:15

Location: Henry Moore Room

Abstract: We'll review the use of JavaScript in server-side enterprise systems: what are the usage possibilities, its benefits and disadvantages in this environment, what are the differences compared to client side use, what unique challenges does it bring, and how to integrate JavaScript-based components into existing enterprise systems
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Attila Szegedi

 Attila  Szegedi

Attila Szegedi is the chief software architect of Adeptra Inc. He is responsible for the underlying technology platform that enables Adeptra around one million of automated telephony interactions each day.

At the scale of its operations, the problems to solve range from algorithms relying on exotic probability distributions to code generators, distributed JavaScript language runtimes, with systems evolution threatening to invoke Greenspun's Tenth Rule at times.

He also contributes to several Open Source projects, most notably Mozilla Rhino and FreeMarker, his contributions often (but not always) coming as generalizations of solutions to problems from his daily work.

Individually, he's also broadly interested in applied computer science in general, topics ranging from languages and their runtimes to program analysis.