Presentation: "REST-based Integration Architecture for a Financial Business Service"

Time: Wednesday 17:15 - 18:15

Location: St. James's Suite

Abstract: When we started out building a large-scale financial application, we followed all the then-current buzzwords: SOAP, WSDL, WS-*. Many of the benefits we expected failed to arrive. We finally ended up developing new integration scenarios using an approach based on REST, Atom, and AtomPub, and have since seen a significant improvement in re-use and modularity. I will present the evolution of our customer's rating service, initially available via web services up to the soft migration towards a REST-based approach. See which design decisions were made and how they turned out since its release in early 2007. This presentation will end with an explanation of pitfalls and shortcomings and the workarounds we chose.
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Phillip Ghadir, innoQ Deutschland GmbH

 Phillip  Ghadir Phillip Ghadir, CTO and principal consultant of innoQ Deutschland GmbH, built several systems and components for large scale, distributed, mission critical systems that are still serving continuously until now. He was involved in several projects, including a customer's large development effort for building a Basel II- compliant rating service, where he was the lead architect.