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Amanda Laucher

 Amanda  Laucher Amanda Laucher is a software developer/architect focusing on Microsoft technologies. She is currently based in Columbus, OH and working with The Sophic Group.

Presentation: "Concurrent programming with Microsoft F#"

Time: Thursday 10:45 - 11:45

Location: Abbey Room


F# is Microsoft's multi-paradigm language which sets out to solve more functional programming types of problems in the .Net ecosystem.

Perhaps you've seen some of the basic syntax which although is interesting, it's now time to check out what people will actually be doing with the language. I'll show how F# helps out with concurrent programming in an actual enterprise application, with legacy code interaction and all.

Presentation: "DSL in Oslo"

Time: Friday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Henry Moore Room


Microsoft's Codename "Oslo" is the new modeling platform which is supposed to decrease the gap between the developer's intention and the artifacts which are deployed and executed.

Assuming that text is in many cases the best way to interact with information, the M programming language defines the domain model while the textual modeling language Mg defines transformations between linear texts and structured data.

We'll get into Intellipad and check out the tool as well as take the opportunity to write a language of our own.