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Dan Bergh Johnsson, OmegaPoint, Sweden

 Dan  Bergh Johnsson

Since his time teaching at the computing science department at Uppsala University, Dan has been on a quest for the honour of the programming profession.

Armed with unit testing, DDD, agile methods and other tools for high-quality system development, this quest has taken Dan through both consulting and teaching.

He is also a recurring speaker at national and international conferences such as Colorado Software Summit, ExpertZone, SoftDev, and JavaZone.

Presentation: "The Power of Value - Power Use of Value Objects in Domain Driven Design"

Time: Thursday 15:45 - 16:45

Location: St. James's Suite


Of all our design tools, creation of value objects is probable the most underused. This is the case especially considering its enormous potential to relieve entities and services from a lot of disturbing complexity.

In this presentation we see some power-usage of the concept and how it can revolutionise your architecture, turning them inside out and conquering back much of our lost object orientation.