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CTO Guido Schoonheim, Xebia

CTO Guido  Schoonheim

Guido Schoonheim is an Agile fanatic with a specific focus on Scrum, organizational patterns and distributed development. In the past Guido has worked as project manager, architect, agile adoption coach, scrum master, product owner and of course as JEE developer.

As CTO of Xebia he is responsible for the technical excellence and the local and international positioning of the company. For this he focuses on the companies JEE expertise using Agile methods and Offshoring. He developed the Xebia model for Fully Distributed Scrum model that is part of this talk.

Fascinated by India with her strong contrasts and infinite possibilities he believes very strongly in the combination of Agile and Offshoring to get the best of both without compromising on either. With focus on people and their interactions using strong guiding principles the cultural difference, timezones and distance are no issue at all.

Presentation: "Agile Distributed Development done right using Fully Distributed Scrum"

Time: Thursday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Henry Moore Room


Agile and distributed development seem to be at odds with each other. One is about close communication and short feedback loops, the other is about being effective with people in a different location. Despite this seemingly ill fit Agile is the way to go for distributed development.

This talk will discuss a number of patters that are common for setting up Agile Distributed Development and will show the remarkable results that can be achieved once you get into a good Fully Distributed Scrum, based on real life case studies. The final result being that distributed environments can achieve the same hyperproductive state that Scrum can achieve locally without making compromises on quality and effectiveness.

The fully distributed model is now the recommended standard for high performance distributed Scrum when organizations can pass the "Nokia test for Scrum implementation" and fully implement XP engineering practices in their Scrum teams.