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Jerome Bernard, Elastic Grid LLC

 Jerome  Bernard

Jerome Bernard has over eight years experience developing distributed applications applied to a wide range of applications from banking to insurances as well as distributed applications using Jini. He is a committer on many OSS projects like Elastic Grid, Rio, Typica and JiBX.

He is currently working on Elastic Grid, an OSS project which focuses on the productivity of developers and organizations that use Java enterprise applications, enabling them to easily deploy, manage and scale applications running on virtualized compute assets, whether that be across public or private clouds, like Amazon EC2.

Presentation: "Dynamic deployment and scalability for the cloud"

Time: Friday 15:30 - 16:30

Location: Westminster Suite


Cloud Computing providers allow a fantastic way to deploy scalable machine images easily and on demand. However, there is a finer grain of scalability that must be provided, allowing individual application assets to easily scale to meet the demands of a running system. Our session discusses the Elastic Grid, an approach that provides dynamic allocation, management and scalability of applications through the cloud.

Intrinsic to the Elastic Grid are a set of dynamic capabilities and reliance on Policy-based and Quality of Service mechanisms that extend capabilities currently found in available cloud computing technologies.

Being able to inject rules & policies into cloud focused infrastructure allows greater automation, scalability and controlled behavior. Ultimately, cloud based deployments can provide advanced capabilities surrounding self-healing, self optimization & self configuration. The Elastic Grid provides an approach using a cloud focused Domain Specific Language to declaratively include behavior as SLA policy declarations.

Discover how to easily deploy your Java applications (but not only!) on the Cloud (especially Amazon EC2) during this BoF with both an introduction to how Elastic Grid ease deployments, a real demo done live and some feedback from real uses cases.