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John de Longa, DataDirect

 John  de Longa

John started his working life as an Electrical Engineer and over time moved to computing in the 1980s. He founded a company specializing in Database access and reporting.

Intersolv acquired the company and went onto work with MERANT a merger of Intersolv and Micro Focus. John was a founder member of DataDirect when it was spun out of MERANT and has held a number roles within the Company, at present he is a Solutions Architect working with both Corporate and OEM customers.

Presentation: "Data - XML and XQuery a language that can combine and transform data"

Time: Thursday 10:45 - 11:45

Location: Rutherford Room


Data and Data Stores are being found in many areas including RDBMS, XML data, Web Services and Proprietary Legacy data sources. Similarly may systems are making use of XML as a medium for interoperation between systems and transforming data.

An evolving query standard is XQuery.

The many capabilities of XQuery will be discussed and a number of scenarios will be covered in the presentation.