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Katie Taylor

 Katie  Taylor Katie spent many years as a self employed consultant, working on a wide range of projects. She specialised in enabling communication between different levels of staff, especially during times of radical change. She is now Commercial Manager and Senior Lecturer in Agile Software Development at the University of Central Lancashire. Working in the School of Computing, Engineering & Physical Sciences, Katie has set up a number of interagency projects, including www.elphin-uclan.org, www.dvice.org, www.westlancsmaps.org.uk. All these projects require cooperation between departments that have very different working practices and a different duty of care.

Presentation: "Things people do that we wish they wouldn't."

Time: Thursday 17:15 - 18:15

Location: Henry Moore Room

Abstract: This workshop will investigate the "bad" things that people do (e.g. Lie!), and then discuss solutions, strategies or processes to address the issue. We will start with a short presentation on some of the standard strategies for dealing with “bad” behaviour. We will have a short brainstorm to identify a backlog of “bad” behaviours to discuss. A goldfish bowl will then discuss each “bad” behaviour, and the strategies that participants have used successfully and unsuccessfully to address the situation.