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Lev Novik, Microsoft

 Lev  Novik Lev Novik is an architect working on Synchronization (Microsoft Sync Framework) and Cloud Storage technologies at Microsoft. Prior to this, Lev worked on synchronization and security problems in WinFS and earlier MSN storage projects. Lev joined Microsoft in 1998, out of the Weizmann Institute. He spent his formative MS years working on WMI and WMI Eventing --- a general-purpose event-subscription and filtering system.

Presentation: "Synchronizing your devices using the Sync Framework"

Time: Friday 15:30 - 16:30

Location: St. James's Suite

Abstract: Microsoft Sync Framework is a set of technologies making it easier to build synchronization into your store, device, or application --- in a protocol-, storage-, and datatype-independent way. Sync Framework v1 shipped in the summer of 2008. Version 2 goes far beyond v1 in simplifying common scenarios (such as simplistic and unsophisticated stores) and providing support for more advanced scenarios when desired (such as identity collisions).