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Michael Poulin

 Michael  Poulin Dr. Michael Poulin works as an enterprise-level solution architect in the financial industry in the UK. He started to work in service- oriented environment with Java and CORBA in 1996, and moved from pure technological world of Novell and IBM into the financial world in 1999. Since that time he worked as a Service Architect in the IT departments of Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, and Fidelity Investments. He authored 13 articles on different aspects of architecture and design – from security to SOA – and runs a course on SOA Governance. He holds architect certification in Java, TOGAF, and SOA. In 2001, he was included into the catalogue of International HWO’S HWO of Information Technology (IWW Historical Society). Since 2007, he works as a Member of the OASIS SOA Reference Model TC, RA sub-TC, and co- authored the first Public Review Daft of the OASIS Reference Architecture for SOA.

Presentation: "Real Life SOA"

Time: Wednesday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: St. James's Suite

Abstract: Significant acceleration of the business changes in the majority of industries has caused a waterfall of modifications and new requirements in the IT. The industry responded with promotion of service orientation concept, often cited as SOA, - the most flexible and suitable for embracing changes. In this talk, Michael will share his experience in utilising service orientation for solving a variety of technical problems coming when we design and build services in IT. Based on several real life business and technical cases, he will demonstrate the SO solutions for changes in such subjects as service execution context – runtime policies, versioning, interface, business data, as well as one problem discovery technique for unexpected changes and failures.