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Nicolai Josuttis

 Nicolai  Josuttis Nicolai Josuttis (www.josuttis.com) is an independent system architect, technical manager, author, and consultant. He designs and realizes mid-sized and large software systems for the telecommunication, traffic, finance, and manufacturing industries. He is well known both in the C++ and SOA Community as well as to attendees at various conferences. He not only speaks and writes with authority (being the author of 'SOA in Practice', 'The C++ Standard Library' and 'C++ Templates') but is also an innovative presenter. He is a partner of IT-communication.com. Currently, he is a team lead for the operational realization of a SOA at two different world-wide companies in the telecommunication and automobile domains.

Presentation: "SOA with Web Services in Practice"

Time: Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: St. James's Suite

Abstract: SOA is becoming mainstream and Web Services are establishing as the de-facto standard for its technical realization. However, Web Services inherently have some specific properties that might result into major problems when establishing a comprehensive SOA strategy in a company. As a key "engineer" for the realization of a Web Services based ESB for a leading international mobile phone company, which today has up to 10 million mission-critical service calls per day, this talk will describe the problems the application of Web Services brings and concrete ways to solve these problems that have proved to work in practice. As you will see, the point is not to replace Web Services by REST (that's peanuts). The real problems have to do with appropriate decoupling (e.g. for intelligent routing), appropriate processes dealing with life-cycles and heterogeneous repositories, and pragmatic solutions for interoperability, reliability, and security. Knowledge based on experience based on one of the leading SOA landscapes in the world.