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Sherali Karimov, Atlassian

No picture of  Sherali  Karimov For the past 12 years, Sherali Karimov has developed commercial software. In this space, his passion is improving development practices. In 2007 Sherali joined Atlassian. During this time, he has been able to work with many different teams, from cross-product development to QA and Support. He specializes in cross-team collaboration and in building the tools and processes that make different departments of a software company work more effectively together.

Presentation: "Agile@Atlassian - How do we do it?"

Time: Thursday 14:15 - 15:15

Location: Rutherford Room


Atlassian is a small yet very successful Australian software company. It has been consistently branded as the fastest growing software company in Australia. This has been a blessing and at the same time a significant challenge. Scaling the company at such a rate and staying successful requires a lot of focus and hard work.

Atlassian has managed to stay successful largely due to continuously introducing and improving agile practices throughout the organisation and applying its own tools to every aspect of the company's inner workings.

In this session we will cover some of the issues we came across and best practices we have came up with to tackle them. We will cover topics such as using JIRA for recruitment, Crucible for training and more.