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Stephen Colebourne

No picture of  Stephen  Colebourne Stephen Colebourne is a hands-on Software Architect at SITA ATS Ltd, where he oversees the development of e-commerce systems for airlines. He has been developing in Java since version 1.0 and has both client and server side experience. In his spare time he keeps himself very busy. Dates and times have become a passion, and he is co-spec lead of JSR-310 Date and Time API and project lead of Joda-Time. The second major area of interest is JVM languages, where he is the co-author of FCM closures and advocate for the Fan programming language - http://fandev.org. Finally, he is a member of the Apache Software Foundation following work on Commons Collections, Lang and IO. Stephen is now a regular conference speaker and a frequent blogger at http://www.jroller.com/scolebourne/. He was elected a Java Champion in 2007 and was a JavaOne rock star speaker for 2008.

Presentation: "Open Standards Development: Opportunity or Constraint?"

Time: Thursday 13:00 - 14:00

Location: Rutherford Room


Is the open standards movement as significant a development as open source? Does it translate in opportunities for you, or is standards work a barrier to free software development? Are standards-development bodies the right places to engage in software development? Should you get involved, or are standards forums a waste of time, slow and bureaucratic, and a distraction from open source development opportunities?

The participants on this panel will share with you their diverse practical experience with open standards and open source development, and they will welcome an animated exchange of opinions. Bring your questions and comments, engage with the experts, and judge for yourself how open standards can help to move technology forward.