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Presentation: "Play & Grails, a fireside chat between two leading web server-side frameworks"

Track: The Modern Web Stack / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Churchill Auditorium

Where this talk is coming from: It's a fresh spring evening, Play and Grails, the top two rapid development frameworks on the JVM are having a chat by the fireside ...

Grails: «Hey Play, is scala's compiler still slower than a tortoise?»

Play: «it's not that bad, my dynamic friend, and it's a one time hit. How much performance does your runtime cost you these days? 20%, 30%?»

Grails: «You know it's less than 10%, but you get a lot for that 10%!»

Grails: «Why don't you try some Spring integration? It's the standard.»

Play: «This again? I don't need your standards, it's not my Type, safe?»

Grails: «Is that product placement? you know thats not allowed!»

Play: «I just like things to be safe.»

Grails: «So ... Monads?»

Play: «well, maybe we could've chosen a better name, but it is the correct logical name... Seriously, though, Gorm? Do you know what that sounds like?»

...and so we leave our intrepid, contending, cantankerous and downright competing frameworks arguing long into the night. Russ Miles will be convening them to meet again, with developers who know each framework, warts and all, to carry on the discussion. There will be no agendas, no sponsorship, and no holds barred (although maybe the odd pun).

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David Dawson, Principal Consultant at Simplicity Itself

David Dawson

Biography: David Dawson

David Dawson is Principal Consultant at Simplicity Itself and works with their clients to continuously and sustainably delivering valuable software. He has worked in software development for 10 years, crossing banking, utilities, retail, virtualisation, from low latency messaging to rich web clients and has improved and automated himself out of several roles in that time.

He has a particular interest in seeing software development as a discipline, that a development process should be both happy, and 'safe', and a passionate belief that the best solution is almost always the simplest (but no more simple than that!)

If you want to discuss multi layered testing strategies, Groovy, CI or the flaws inherent in stateless services...buy him a beer and he'll happily debate till morning.

Twitter: @davidthecoder

Justin Holmes, Consultant at OpenCredo

Justin Holmes

Biography: Justin Holmes

Justin is a consultant at OpenCredo, with a keen interest in PaaS (Platform as a Service), Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Devops.
Justin began his career as a web developer focussing on back end systems. Currently extensively using Scala and the Play! Framework, he is the organiser of the London Play! User Group.

Twitter: @just1nholmes

Russell Miles, Co-Author of Head First Software Development

Russell Miles

Biography: Russell Miles

Russ Miles is Principal Consultant at Simplicity Itself and works with their clients to continuously and sustainably delivering valuable software.

Russ' experience covers almost every facet of software delivery having worked across many different domains including Financial Services, Publishing, Defence, Insurance and Search. With over 16 years experience and through consultancy, coaching and training, Russ uses a holistic view of the software delivery process in order to implement multi-faceted continuous improvement programmes touching on everything from developer skills and practices, creating and evolving the best architectures and designs for a given domain, through to advising the management of various companies on how to apply lean and agile thinking and practices to better tune their return on investment from their software development effort.

Russ is also an international speaker on techniques for achieving the delivery of valuable software as well as a published author, most recently of "Head First Software Development" from O'Reilly Media. He is currently working on two new books; "Programming Spring" for O'Reilly Media that launches the Simplicity Itself technique of "Test Driven Learning" for the first time publicly, and another book, working title being "Field Guide to Continuous Improvement for Software Delivery Team Members" that captures the different thinking tools and techniques that a professional software developer can apply concretely to their own continuous improvement goals.

Twitter: @russmiles