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Presentation: "Put a UI Developer in a Bank; See what happens"

Track: Handheld Banking / Time: Wednesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Abbey Room

I will discuss how things happen in the IT department of a bank and how banks are treating mobile. We will take a look at how banks are improving their workflow for web based applications and how they have to support everything from the bleeding edge to the old IE browsers.
I will share my own experience as well as first hand accounts from people both new and old to operating inside the IT departments of banks.

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Horia Dragomir, Metrics-driven game development

Horia Dragomir

Biography: Horia Dragomir

Horia Dragomir is a UI Developer, currently working at wooga in Berlin, where he focuses on developing HTML5 Mobile games. He has spent the better part of his working days in distributed teams, employing agile methods and discovering better ways for teams to work together.

Twitter: @hdragomir