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Frank Greco, Director of Technology, Kaazing Corporation

Frank Greco

Biography: Frank Greco

Frank D. Greco is the Director of Technology for Kaazing Corporation. He is responsible for the Kaazing cloud computing strategy and guiding customers with new technology approaches that leverage the value of extending application protocols over the web and how the new web communications stack is a key component. Frank has extensive experience in IT projects for over 15 years and has worked on global architecture, grid/cloud computing, innovative user interfaces and mobile computing. Frank has been named by Sun/Oracle a "Java Champion" for many years and chairs the NYJavaSIG (largest Java User Group in North America) and the NYHTML5 User Groups.

Twitter: @frankgreco

Presentation: High Performance Messaging for Web-Based Trading Systems

Track: Finance (Design & Architecture) / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Elizabeth Windsor

Up until recently, the network stack of the legacy web has been unsuitable for "real-time" trading and auction-based applications.

But now we now have WebSocket that allows a persistent connection, traverses network intermediaries, has an encrypted sibling, is legacy-web compatible, uses standard ports 80/443 and allows other traditional application-level protocols to live over the web. And like its name implies, it is stream-based and requires system engineers to build and port well-defined protocols for applications.

This presentation will investigate WebSocket and how trading systems can be designed to leverage this new web protocol for reliability, security and performance for desktop, mobile, datacenter and cloud environments.