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Heather Willems, Principal at ImageThink

Heather Willems

Biography: Heather Willems

Heather Willems is a founding partner of ImageThink, New York City's only graphic recording firm. Heather helps ImageThink's Fortune 100 clients like Google and Microsoft use visual tools to solve big-picture problems. She is also an artist with an MFA from Ohio State University, whose work has been exhibited in New York City and around the United States.

Twitter: @ImageThink

Presentation: Ideas, not Art: Drawing Out Solutions

Track: Creative Thinking & Visual Problem-Solving / Time: Wednesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Elizabeth Windsor

Transforming abstract ideas into simple images promotes critical thinking and spurs creativity and innovation. Join Heather Willems, artist and principal of ImageThink, a graphic facilitation firm based in New York City, to learn how Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft harness the creative power of visuals to enhance their output and lateral thinking.

Training: I See What You're Saying: Communicating Visually - SOLD OUT

Track: Training / Time: Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Wordsworth


As humans, we're hardwired for visual communication — in fact more of our neurons are dedicated to vision than our other four senses combined! Join Heather Willems, artist and principal of ImageThink, to learn the basics of effective visual communication and how to use simple visual tools to communicate, solve problems and present ideas faster and more effectively.

Training Content:

  • Benefits of visual storytelling
  • Writing to be read: improving your penmanship at the whiteboard
  • Simple drawing techniques
  • Listening and synthesizing skills
  • 5 steps to simple icons
  • Techniques for organizing information spatially
  • Visual metaphors

Take Aways:

  • Confidence in communicating visually at the front of the room
  • 10 models for data organization
  • Techniques for enhanced listening skills
  • Improved ability to see and share the big picture
  • Building blocks for developing your own visual library

"When I left the workshop I thanked Heather and Nora profusely. Their facilitation approach, their interactive style, their non-judgment and their continuous encouragement were so rewarding.

Based on this experience, I would give the highest recommendation possible for
 anyone to spend an afternoon with ImageThink to learn about how each of us
 is truly, deeply, already a visual thinker.

— Jean Tabaka, Agile Fellow, Rally Software, Boulder, CO