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Marc Pacheco, Client Side Architect

Marc Pacheco

Biography: Marc Pacheco

At songkick.com Marc worked on the development team as client side architect, developing the Songkick application with an emphasis on simplicity and maintainability. Before joining Songkick, Marc lead the client-side development of the Guardian's website redeveopment.

Presentation: How we scaled Songkick for more traffic and more productive development

Track: Architectures of the Small & Beautiful / Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Fleming Room

songkick.com is a web startup that has got big. In this talk Marc will look at the evolution of songkick.com from simple beginnings to the present day where it serves 8 million unique users per month.

During this evolution Songkick had to make radical changes to increase the performance of the site, as well as the productivity of the development team. Marc will discuss these changes, with a focus on how Songkick achieved the scale they need while retaining a productive development team.