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Remko van Dokkum, Interaction Design Engineer

Remko van Dokkum

Biography: Remko van Dokkum

Remko van Dokkum is an interaction design engineer and works together with Ruud Lanfermeijer since the day he graduated in 1998. His main interest is 'enabling technology', creating and engineering interactive environments were you can play with and discover all tomorrow's technology has to offer. By the motto "Sky is the Limit" hardware and software are created from scratch to fit the needs of projects. A long list of technology is being incorporated in projects over the past years, to mention a few: motion tracking, biometric sensors, human DNA translation, interactive 3D model, projection mapping, Arduino, and VJ interface for Hammond organ.

Twitter: @remkovandokkum

Presentation: User Generated Art: the Artist as Manipulator

Track: Creative Thinking & Visual Problem-Solving / Time: Wednesday 15:40 - 16:30 / Location: Elizabeth Windsor

How do you collaborate with your audience to make music, images and stories, give them their 15 minutes of fame, AND make them love you forever? We will explore how bringing creative concepts and interaction design engineering together engages audiences through play. We will look at how incorporating technology such as open source software, interactive video, and 3D projection mapping invites a dialogue with the participants and the multi-media environment.