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Tormod Varhaugvik, Enterprise & Solutions Architect at Tax Norway

Tormod Varhaugvik

Biography: Tormod Varhaugvik

Tormod Varhaugvik has a technical background (MSC in Computer Science) and has worked with systems development within the Enterprise Application domain since 1994. He has experience from different lines of business, different technologies, different methodologies and most of the roles that exist in software projects. He is key behind an innovative package of old and golden patterns, fuelled by In Memory and Big Data platforms.
He now works as an Enterprise / Solutions Architect at Tax Norway where they face an application overhaul effort towards real time complex tax processing, with challenges from aligning business and IT, and introducing new technology.

Twitter: @tormodvar

Presentation: Equity – transparent and live risk assessment

Track: Finance, Technology & Implementation / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Whittle Room

Equity is increasingly important as regulations are raising the bar by even more strict rules. Knowing the asset’ value and profile, is probably the best basis for providing transparency of the (actual) equity. This talk provides a detailed design and rationale for an In Memory and Big Data architecture for live equity and risk assessment. Tax Norway’ new architecture will be used as an example. It puts the party and asset in the front row, and knows their profile from tapping into live streams of data from society.