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Ward Cunningham, Host of AgileManifesto.org

Ward Cunningham

Biography: Ward Cunningham

Ward Cunningham serves as Nike's open-data fellow. He has been CTO at CitizenGlobal, a growth company enabling the co-creation of media. Ward co-founded the consultancy, Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc. He has served as CTO of AboutUs, a Director of the Eclipse Foundation, an Architect in Microsoft's Patterns & Practices Group, the Director of R&D at Wyatt Software and as Principle Engineer in the Tektronix Computer Research Laboratory.

Ward is well known for his contributions to the developing practice of object-oriented programming, the variation called Extreme Programming, and the communities supported by his WikiWikiWeb. Ward hosts the AgileManifesto.org. He is a founder of the Hillside Group and there created the Pattern Languages of Programs conferences which continues to be held all over the word.

Twitter: @WardCunningham

Presentation: Keynote: A Forward Look at Federated Wiki

Time: Friday 09:00 - 09:50 / Location: Fleming Room

Just as the first wiki changed how people write, our new wiki will change how people work.

By pushing steadily on two principles, refactoring to ease improvement and federation to ease sharing, we have uncovered a simpler and more powerful path to the future.

Events, Sockets, CORS, Closures, SVG, DSLs, Canvas, EC2 and Raspberry Pi all contribute to the new wiki. Still, our insistence that each technology serve the user, not the website, creates simplicity, the simplest that could possibly work.

We'll show how this new thinking can apply to diverse projects in organizational communication, urban planning, collaborative research, sensor networks, the quantified self, legacy wikis and the history of computing. (whew)

Ward Cunningham's keynote will be supported by Heather Willems, principal of ImageThink, a graphic facilitation company based in New York City that supports events and meetings by synthesizing key ideas into a visually-rich graphic mural.