Presentation: Patterns in a Containerized World


11:50am - 12:40pm


Structuring and developing applications in a containerized world involves new challenges. Some best practices need to be adapted and new patterns evolve. In this talk Matthias Lübken will give an overview of typical patterns that he has seen in developing, deploying and operating applications that leverage containers.

He will start with defining best practices around a good modular container. He will than approach different composition strategies. The talk concludes in a first set of patterns like side-car / side-kick, ambassador, adapter and chains.

As containers are a fairly new concept for general purpose application development, this list is far from complete. This talk can be seen as a starting point for a general discussion about best practices and resulting patterns around containers.

Speaker: Matthias Luebken

‎Head of Product @GiantSwarm

Matthias is the product guy (tm) at Giant Swarm. He has long time experience with different aspects in product and software development. Currently he herds different flocks of cats. He especially wonders where the containerisation of the world leads us and what the implications for applications developers are.

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