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cgroupv2: Linux's New Unified Control Group System

cgroupv1 (or just "cgroups") has helped revolutionise the way that we manage and use containers over the past 8 years. A complete overhaul is coming -- cgroupv2. This talk will go into why a new control group system was needed, the changes from cgroupv1, and practical uses that you can apply to improve the level of control you have over the processes on your servers.

We will go over:

  • Design decisions and deviations for cgroupv2 compared to v1
  • Pitfalls and caveats you may encounter when migrating to cgroupv2
  • Discussion of the internals of cgroupv2
  • Practical information about how we are using cgroupv2 inside Facebook


Chris Down

Production Engineer @ Facebook's Web Foundation team

Chris Down is a Production Engineer on Facebook's Web Foundation team, based in London. He is responsible for debugging and resolving major production issues, and improving the reliability and efficiency of Facebook's systems. He also is a contributor to Facebook's open source efforts, including...

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Whittle, 3rd flr.


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