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Scaling Facebook Live Videos to a Billion Users

Facebook Live is a live streaming platform available to all Facebook users (1 billion daily active people) from Facebook apps as well as an API. It enables citizen journalism, makes it easy to share everyday moments with your friends and allows celebrities to interact with their fans directly. Facebook Live has seen a tremendous growth in usage since being launched to the public.

Building a successful Live streaming platform requires live streams to have low latency and high quality. Broadcasting and viewing live streams has to work on a wide variety of devices across varying network capabilities. Interactivity during live streams is a key part of the overall experience. In this talk, we will talk about why Live matters, how Facebook Live was architected for these requirements and how it is setup to be flexible in adding features like multi-person live streaming.


Sachin Kulkarni

Engineering Director @Facebook focused on Live, Videos, and Messenger

Sachin is the Director of Engineering for the infrastructure teams that build Facebook Live, Facebook Videos and Messenger. He ran the team that built the backend for Facebook Live from scratch in 3 months and scaled it to 1 billion daily active people. He oversaw the rearchitecture for the...

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Architectural Overhaul: Ad Serving @Spotify Scale

In a hyper growth product company continuous evolution of systems is inevitable as technology improves everyday, product and business needs evolve regularly and change in scale impacts operating costs. At Spotify the ads systems have undergone several changes fundamentally over the years. The...

Kinshuk Mishra

Ad Serving Engineering Director @Spotify

SESSION + Live Q&A Architecture

Low Latency Trading Architecture at LMAX Exchange

Building a financial exchange like the one that LMAX Exchange operates presents a unique challenge. Our customers trade over $2 trillion a year through our platform, while demanding low and predictable latency with ever increasing volumes of transactions. In this talk we will present an overview...

Sam Adams

Head of Software Engineering @LMAX Exchange

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The Distributed Pit of Success @Deliveroo

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Greg Beech

Lead Engineer @Deliveroo

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Scaling Instagram Infrastructure

Instagram is a social network mobile app that allows people to share the world's moments as they happen. It serves 300 millions users on a daily basis throughout the world. In this talk, we will give an overview on the infrastructure that supports its users on this large scale. Topics will...

Lisa Guo

Software Engineer @Instagram

SESSION + Live Q&A Open Space

Architectures Open Space

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