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Thinking Strategically About IoT

Cool? Useful? Disruptor? All of the above? IoT is having an impact on more and more industries. As the cost of instrumenting things and collecting data drops, the possibilities for what we can control and the kind of insights we can gather increase. Not only is IoT hardware cheaper and more pervasive, developing IoT software is now far more accessible. That doesn't mean there aren't tricky bits. Does Java have relevance in the IoT world? How can you keep the system reliable and handle failure in a cost-effective way? How can you cope with the data volumes? What's the best way to turn raw data into insight?


Holly Cummins

Senior Software Engineer @IBM, Committer on Apache Aries

Holly Cummins is the technical lead of IBM’s London Bluemix Garage. She was previously delivery lead for the WebSphere Liberty Profile. She is a JavaOne RockStar, and has also spoken at Devoxx, JavaZone, JFokus, The ServerSide Java Symposium, JAX London, GeeCon, and the Great Indian...

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Java - Performance, Patterns and Predictions


IoT PlatformsJava 11Interview Available


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From Concurrent to Parallel

As core counts continue to increase, how we exploit hardware parallelism in practice shifts from concurrency — using more cores to handle more user requests — to parallelism — using more cores to solve data-intensive problems faster. This talk will explore the different goals, tools, and...

Brian Goetz

Java Language Architect @Oracle

SESSION + Live Q&A Java 11

Real World Java 9

The feature we always hear about whenever Java 9 is in the news is Jigsaw (or modularity). But this doesn't scratch the same developer itch that Java 8's lambdas and streams did, and we're left with a vague sensation that the next version might not be that interesting. Java 9 actually has a lot...

Trisha Gee

Java Champion, Engineer and Evangelist

SESSION + Live Q&A Java 11

Using FlameGraphs To Illuminate The JVM

FlameGraphs offer us a new way to visualize execution profiles, combined with Linux system profiler perf and the recently added -XX:+PreserveFramePointer option in JDK 8u60 we now have for the first time a way to capture a comprehensive profile for the OS, JVM and your Java code. In this...

Nitsan Wakart

Performance Consultant and OSS Contributor

SESSION + Live Q&A Java 11

Event Sourcing on the JVM

Have you ever wondered about event sourced systems and how they work? How to structure things around a transaction log yet still keep the system stable over time when change arises. In this talk we will look at Event Sourcing as a concept as well as specific JVM based implementations that are...

Greg Young

Created the term CQRS

SESSION + Live Q&A Open Space

Java Open Space

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