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Web Components @ Scale

Huge applications consume a lot of time to develop and prepare for the development environment. After a while technology changes, new frameworks arrives, and application requirements changes. Going back to the development phase can be painful. During this presentation, we'll be discussing web standards and how to use them in favour of the development process as well as how to use web components to write a scalable application and how these can help minimise cost of changes. We'll touch on the Polymer framework and what the future brings, moving from Polymer 1.0 to Polymer 2.0.


Pawel Psztyc

Office of the CTO @MuleSoft

"Pawel is a front-end developer and UX expert with over 10 years combined experience. He is a Senior Software Engineer at MuleSoft in London and Co-founder of Google Developer Group Warsaw, as well as being an author of many useful open source applications for developers such as Advanced REST...

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SESSION + Live Q&A Big Data

Drowning in Data, Thirsting for Insight

Welcome to the digital era where customer experience management grows more dependent on more data from more sources every day, making issues harder to detect, harder to investigate and diagnose, and harder to resolve quickly. We know that data proliferation will only accelerate, so our industry...

Mehdi Daoudi

CEO & Co-Founder @Catchpoint


Multiple NoSQL Use Cases with Redis Modules

Developing next generation digital applications is introducing more and more different use cases of which NoSQL products need to address. Redis Labs answer to this, is to continue growing and working with the community with the introduction of Redis Modules. Redis Modules are add-ons to Redis...

Kamran Yousaf

Solution Architect @Redis Labs, Inc


I have a NoSQL toaster

NoSQL is a catch-all term that covers a lot of different types of data storage. Is it really helpful to group them together by one thing they don't have? Think about it like this: my toaster is as much NoSQL as any database! So, how can we make more sense of this new breed of database management...

Simon Leigh

Senior Solutions Engineer @Couchbase

SESSION + Live Q&A Containers

Multi-host, Multi-network Persistent Containers

Containers are great vessels for your application’s ephemeral data, but what about the data that drives your business? It must survive containers coming and going, maintain its availability and reliability, and grow when you need it. In this talk, we will discuss strategies for working with...

Brian Bulkowski

CTO and CO-Founder @Aerospike

SESSION + Live Q&A DevOps

You can't buy DevOps, but you may have to sell it

Creating a DevOps culture and implementing the technical bits like Continuous Delivery often require disruptive organizational change, and almost always require executive support. Weren’t all the same promises made by RUP, RAD, XP etc.? How do you sort through the vendor jargon? How can you...

Ken Mugrage

Technical Evangelist @ThoughtWorks

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