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Keynote: Building Artificial General Intelligence

Location: Fleming / Whittle, 3rd flr. & Simulcast in Abbey, 4th flr.

Duration: 9:00am - 10:10am

Day of week: Tuesday

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I will take a look at how deep learning is presently being extended in ways that take these technologies far beyond the simple image classifiers that they were originally developed to solve. The development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is going to require algorithms that can do things like inductive reasoning, planning and optimal learning from limited amounts of data. Several efforts are underway to develop these technologies for deployment in future enterprise grade systems. We may well see these new approaches being given a lot more attention in the coming years ahead as we enter into a new age of AGI. In this talk, I will present some of the newer more general approaches to solving intelligence that are currently under development with the view to deployment in the enterprise systems of the future. Anyone concerned or interested in what the future of artificial intelligence in the enterprise may look like and how we will get there, is encouraged to attend.

Speaker: Peter Morgan

AI Community Leader & Founder and CEO Deep Learning Partnership

Peter is author of the popular report, “Machine Learning is Changing the Rules: Ways Businesses Can Utilize AI to Innovate”, published by O'Reilly. He is passionate about artificial intelligence and the positive changes this technology can and is bringing to society. Peter founded the AI consulting company, Deep Learning Partnership, in 2012 to carry out his mission of helping to bring AI to the world. He is a scientist-entrepreneur starting out in high energy physics enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After leaving UMass, and founding his own company, Peter moved into the computer networking industry, designing, implementing and troubleshooting global IP networks for companies such as Cisco, IBM and BT Labs. In 2009, Peter worked for three years on an experiment lead by Stanford University to measure the mass of the neutrino. Returning to industry in 2012, he has been an AI Consultant and is also very interested in the latest developments in quantum computing and how they are set to impact advancements in AI, business and the world at large. He advises and mentors technology startups and is a speaker at AI conferences and meetup groups. Peter founded and organizes the popular London Deep Learning Lab Meetup

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