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Presentation: Deployment Patterns for API Gateways

Track: Solutions Track I

Location: Churchill, G flr.

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Monday

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APIs are changing the way we build applications and changing the way we expose data, both inside and outside our organizations. But what is the most efficient and effective way to deliver these APIs? That’s the job of the API gateway. In this session, we will look at different deployment patterns for API gateways, including:

  • The centralized, edge gateway
  • The multi-layer gateway
  • Microgateways, sidecars and service mesh

We discuss how the implementation and consumption of your API can (and should) influence the selection of the most appropriate API gateway pattern when it comes to production deployment.


NGINX is the world’s number one API gateway, delivering the vast majority of today’s API traffic. Learn from our experience in this space, and how to ensure that your API management platform provides the optimum deployment pattern for your APIs.


Attendees will leave the session, knowing:

  1. The different API gateway deployment patterns and their relative merits
  2. How differences between API traffic and regular web traffic influences application and API delivery infrastructure
  3. How software architecture decisions affect API delivery infrastructure

Speaker: Liam Crilly

Director of Product Management @nginx

Liam Crilly, Director of Product Management at NGINX, Inc., has 20 years experience in the Internet industry. He knew it was going to be a big deal when he wrote his first web app in 1993, at the dawn of the graphical Internet.

Prior to joining NGINX, Inc., Liam was a senior product manager for Alcatel-Lucent, in their CDN and IP video division. Here he led the rearchitecture and implementation of several strategic initiatives.

From 2007-2012 Liam held the position of CTO at Signify, a Cambridge-based startup delivering Internet security services and specialising in identity management. It was here that Liam began his product management career. Liam holds a BSc degree in Computer Science (Information Systems) from the University of Hertfordshire. He is an enthusiastic and successful amateur racing driver, having won multiple championships.

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