Presentation: Develop Hundreds of Kubernetes Services at Scale With Airbnb

Track: DevOps & DevEx: Remove Friction, Ship Code, Add Value

Location: Mountbatten, 6th flr.

Duration: 5:25pm - 6:15pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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You've already made the plunge to move to Kubernetes, and you feel pretty good about that. But why does it feel like it requires expert-level Kubernetes knowledge for engineers to get anything done?

This talk will identify key problems that make out-of-the-box Kubernetes less friendly to developers, and strategies for addressing them, based on Airbnb’s experience empowering one thousand engineers to develop hundreds of Kubernetes services at scale.   This talk will focus primarily on four problem areas:   

  1. Configuration: Generated and templated configuration, extracting shareable components and containers 
  2. CI/CD: Containerizing CI/CD, multi-stage builds, deploy strategies 
  3. Service lifecycle: Primary and sidecar containers, Advanced pod readiness, warmup, graceful termination, etc 
  4. Tooling: Creating and Distributing a kubectl wrapper   

I will be adapting a talk I gave at KubeCon (previously 20 minutes) by expanding on it and going into more technical detail. Will update the abstract later if the content drifts in a different direction!

Speaker: Melanie Cebula

Software Engineer @airbnb

Melanie Cebula is an infrastructure engineer at Airbnb, where she works on service orchestration. She loves building systems that make it easy for developers to create and operate their own services securely and reliably. 

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