Presentation: eBPF

Track: Modern Operating Systems

Location: Mountbatten, 6th flr.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

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This talk will be an overview of eBPF. You should leave knowing what it is, how it is used today, and have ideas of how to build things yourself. Step into the future of programmable observability by coming to this talk!

Speaker: Jessie Frazelle

Engineer @github, Xoogler, Ex-Docker Core Maintainer

Jessie Frazelle is a infrastructure engineer at GitHub. She has served as a Maintainer of Docker, Contributor to Runc and Golang as well as other open source projects.  She loves building systems and is typecasted as the person who runs everything in containers.  She is writing a book on eBPF with David Calavera.

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