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Effective Ethics for Busy People

Ethics are increasingly being discussed in the World of technology. As a means of discovering more about the relationship between the two domains, Kingsley founded and ran Good Tech Conference in Brighton in November 2018. This presentation gives the story that conference, the findings uncovered from it, and some concrete tips and techniques for attendees to evolve to work and live in a more ethical ways. If you have ever wanted to learn a little more about tech ethics and how to make an impact minimal available time and energy, then this is the talk for you.


Kingsley Davies

Partner @underscoreio & Director D-Limitd

Kingsley runs an independant and ethically driven coffee shop on the South Coast called South-by-West. Outside of the World of coffee, Kingsley is a partner at Underscore Consulting, who build scalable systems using functional programming to deliver value to their clients. Additionally, Kingsley...

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Why Should We Care About Technology Ethics?

Ethics is a rising buzzword in the technology sector. Users, developers, innovators, and the general public are increasingly concerned about the impact that technologies are having on society. Companies like Facebook and Google are facing internal and external pushback against their business and...

Catherine Flick

Member of ACM Committee on Professional Ethics and One of the Primary Contributors to the ACM Code of Ethics

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Designing an Ethical Chatbot

The tips and tricks I use when designing a chatbot to ensure it remains an ethical product and family friendly without being corrupted by trolls and abusive users.

Steve Worswick

4 Time Winner of Loebner Prize (Most lifelike AI) & Senior Artificial Intelligence Designer @pandorabots

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Ethos(s): Enabling Community and Culture

The legitimacy of open source as a software development model is undeniable.  Where companies once feared, they now consume, and even contribute; where viability as a business model was once questioned, there now are venture capital firms, profitability, initial public offerings, and...

Robyn Bergeron

Principal Community Architect for @Ansible, @RedHat

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Creating a Trusted Narrative for Data Driven Technology

There is a lot of hype and promise surrounding AI based technology within health and care, but how do we ensure that what we develop, or commission is ethically developed, applicable to a range of users and importantly how do we create the narrative amidst this hype, to ensure that everyone...

Indra Joshi

Digital Health & AI Clinical Lead for @NHSEngland

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