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Presentation: A Guided Journey of Cloud Native Featuring Monzo

Track: Architecting for the Cloud / Streaming Architectures

Location: Churchill, G flr.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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The Cloud Native Trail Map provides a path for enterprises to deploy cloud native applications, and the steps they’ll encounter along their journey. However, the needs of each enterprise are rarely the same and these journeys are rarely linear.


In this talk we’ll look at how the needs of applications change as they grow and become more complex, and the stages in which organisations adopt specific cloud native technologies.


We’ll then examine the journey that Monzo, a UK based digital bank, have taken over the last four years, the stages they went through as they grew, the challenges they faced at each point, and the technologies and techniques they used to build a cloud native bank.

Speaker: Cheryl Hung

Director of Ecosystem @CloudNativeFdn

Cheryl Hung is the Director of Ecosystem at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Her mission is to increase the adoption of Kubernetes and cloud native by fostering sustainable open source communities. She leads and advocates on behalf of cloud native end users, consulting and training companies.

Prior to joining the CNCF full time, Cheryl was a C++ engineer at Google for five years, and led product management and DevOps at a container storage startup. She founded and runs the Cloud Native London meetup, which runs monthly events with 200-300 attendees.



Cheryl holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

Find Cheryl Hung at

Speaker: Matt Heath

Distributed Systems Engineer @monzo

Matt Heath is a Staff Engineer at Monzo — the UKs fastest growing bank — where he's spent the last few years building the platform and payment systems which underpin the Monzo experience. Prior to this he was the technical lead of Hailo’s global ride-sharing platform, which nurtured his love for scaling modern cloud native distributed systems.

Find Matt Heath at

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