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Presentation: How to Tell Your Boss Story Points Are a Terrible Metric

Track: DevOps & DevEx: Remove Friction, Ship Code, Add Value

Location: Churchill, G flr.

Duration: 5:25pm - 6:15pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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By setting the wrong targets your boss can set your team up for failure and a lot of long, late nights or early mornings.


Metrics and targets in software engineering are designed to assist in the measurement of progress usually against a chargeable contract. But, the measures and metrics in each layer of a software organisation are different and the metrics at the interface between each layer can be misunderstood.


When a measure becomes an agreed metric, care needs to be taken that it doesn’t inadvertently become a target, which can result in unnatural behaviour, creating a myriad of unforeseen problems, because incentives are not aligned with the desired outcome.


This talk will look at the different measures commonly found in software development, what they’re used for, highlight the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of measuring progress versus productivity and how all metrics should ultimately relate to a desired business outcome.


Measurements are critical for ensuring that the development addresses the business problem is was designed to solve. We’ll share stories of what happened when the wrong thing got measured and offer some practical ways to help you, your team and of course your boss!

Speaker: Liz Ince

Managing Solution Architect @Capgemini

Liz Ince has been working in the IT industry for over 30 years. Since leaving University (BSC Hons in Electronic and Electrical Engineering ) she has worked as a Systems Engineer, a Sales Representative and is now a Managing Solutions Architect at Capgemini. She has helped many organisations develop their digital strategies and define new IT roadmaps to implement and meet their online business objectives. She is a Member of the IET, a Chartered Engineer and was a finalist in the Women in Science and Engineering Awards 2018. 

Liz has two grown up children –  her son is a software project engineer and her daughter is training to be an Army Officer at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy.

Find Liz Ince at

Speaker: Chris Wilkinson

Software Development Lead @Capgemini

Chris joined Capgemini as a Technical Lead. As a consultant in delivery, he has worked with many large-scale clients in software development, DevOps and architecture roles. Not a typical software engineer, he has a commercial mindset and yet is product focused. Chris strives to find the balance between reasonable timescales whilst producing meticulously built and maintainable products. His management style is to coach, share knowledge and to promote good practice and design patterns through experience and research, but what fascinates him is the culture of our industry, and where the lines between the technical, and the not-so-technical are blurred.

Chris discovered his love for programming and problem solving at an early age, and went on to study computer games development. He has since written software in many industry verticals including finance, oil & gas, petrochemical and the public sector.

Find Chris Wilkinson at

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