Presentation: Leaving Node for the JAMStack

Track: JavaScript: Powering the Modern Web

Location: Churchill, G flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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As application development trends toward smarter devices our server strategy is beginning to see a shift as well. Application servers written in node.js are beginning to thin out as more and more logic lives directly on content delivery networks and individual devices.
This past year my team at PayPal began looking at how we could radically improve our developer experience and delivery high quality applications faster. We landed on the JAMStack model and are currently working on rolling that out for our developers.
This talk will walk you through some of the challenges we faced with our node.js application servers and how we are trying to solve them by moving to the JAMStack. We’ll include discussions around performance, security, development experience and deploy speed. This talk will be relevant for those curious about graphql, gatsbyJS and JAMStack generally as well as those  interested in speeding up the development and deploy process for their teams.

Speaker: Jamund Ferguson

Web Platform Team Lead @PayPal

Jamund Ferguson is a JavaScript architect at PayPal. He loves to look at how following patterns consistently can prevent bugs in applications. He’s previously contributed to the ESLint and StandardJS open-source projects and has as of late become a fan of FlowType and TypeScript. He is married with two kids and lives near Portland, OR.

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