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Presentation: OpenJ9 - Compelling Java for Cloud Workloads

Track: Evolving Java & the JVM

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 2:55pm - 3:45pm

Day of week: Monday

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Java's suitability for Enterprise computing is well known, but past success has created a new set of 'legacy' applications when the industry inflects, and the economics of computing drive towards new deployment models.  Java's VM has demonstrably provided the flexibility and means for Java to adapt to, and be integrated with, new computing platforms maintaining relevance of the investment in developed applications as new computing capabilities are released, and remain relevant in an evolving computing landscape.  IBM's contribution of it’s proven, highly scalable, industry strength VM to Eclipse gives Java users access to an alternative runtime that is designed for enterprise-scale applications and with the nimbleness to deliver in the changing 'containerised' Cloud computing environments. All Change!

Speaker: Stephen Hellberg

Runtime Support/Change Team Architect (Java, Node.js, Apache Spark) at @IBM

Stephen Hellberg is tenured in IBM Support caring for runtimes : Java and Node.js primarily, although that has included Apache Spark (an analytics toolbox).  Stephen has been supporting IBM Java SDKs/JVMs since version 1.2.2, or around 18 years; currently, his role is concerned with future IBM support delivery, and how to deliver via open-source.  When not diagnosing other people's problems, he's been released to speak at international conferences occasionally, such as W-JAX, or until the next crisis recalls him.

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