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Presentation: Programming the Cloud with TypeScript

Track: JavaScript: Powering the Modern Web

Location: Churchill, G flr.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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JavaScript has been applied to a wide variety of domains over the last few decades - from web to server and IoT to serverless.  One domain that has resisted this trend is Cloud Infrastructure, which is still largely managed by copy/pasting YAML files or pointing and clicking in web consoles.  A new breed of solutions is showing how real programming languages like JavaScript and TypeScript can be used to bring the many benefits of these languages for enabling more robust software engineering to our increasingly complex and critical cloud infrastructure.  In this talk, Luke Hoban will review the unique benefits of applying programming languages in general, and TypeScript in particular, to the cloud infrastructure domain - highlight a few of the projects that are leading the industry shift in this direction - and show examples of using TypeScript and Pulumi to build everything from serverless applications on AWS to Kubernetes applications on Google Cloud.

Speaker: Luke Hoban

CTO @PulumiCorp & TypeScript Co-Creator

Luke Hoban is the CTO at Pulumi where he is re-imagining how developers program the cloud.

Prior to Pulumi, Luke held product and engineering roles at AWS and Microsoft. At AWS, Luke led product definition and business planning for EC2 instance families including GPU, FPGA and T2 compute offerings. At Microsoft, Luke co-founded TypeScript (the fastest growing development language), developed Go support for Visual Studio Code (the most used developer tool for Go), was part of the design teams for ECMAScript and C#, and served as Technical Assistant to the CVP of the Developer Division contributing to corporate strategy and execution for the developer audience.   

Luke is passionate about building tools and platforms to enable and empower developers, and is a deep believer in the transformative potential of the cloud.

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