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Presentation: Reactive Systems Architecture

Track: Operationalizing Microservices: Design, Deliver, Operate

Location: Fleming, 3rd flr.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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Reactive systems architecture promises resilience and scalability, but building and maintaining a globally distributed system introduces considerable challenges. Jan and Matt will share the most important building aspects of systems that spread over multiple data centres as well as multiple AWS regions. You will learn about the evolution of the system's architecture, including some of the more interesting mistakes made, the protocols and APIs that its microservices use to communicate with each other, the challenges of eventual consistency in a system that spans continents, and the hard-learned lessons in keeping the system's components running in production. Moreover, Matt and Jan will present an overview of analysis process to discover just what makes the biggest impact on distributed system’s resilience; together with the results of applying this process to several production projects.


In short, Matt and Jan will give you the answer to the click-baity headline “4 things that make the biggest impact in distributed systems”, together with architectural and code examples to help you to avoid repeating the speakers’ mistakes.

Speaker: Jan Machacek

Senior Principal Engineer @waltdisneyco & Founder @muvrhq

Jan is a passionate engineer & author with practical experience in architecting actor-based systems, well-engineered machine learning systems, and matching infrastructure. He has hands-on experience in the architecture & implementation of

  • distributed systems (event-sourcing, distributed state, messaging)
  • connected health systems (signal processing, sensor fusion, predictions & analysis, strong privacy)
  • computer vision systems (text and image processing & recognition, privacy & security)

He regularly shares his expertise at various engineering conferences.

Find Jan Machacek at

Speaker: Matthew Squire

Technical Team Leader @BamtechMedia

Matt is an engineer and technical team lead who has spent the past five years building distributed and reactive software using Scala, Akka and Kafka in many domains including advertising, price comparison, biometrics, and IoT applications. He's a fan of property-based testing, microservices, and message-driven architecture and he likes to use his background in natural computation, a field of computer science that studies how living things compute, to understand how distributed systems work at scale.

Find Matthew Squire at

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