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Presentation: Unique Resiliency of the Erlang VM, the BEAM and Erlang OTP

Track: The Right Language for the Job

Location: Henry Moore, 4th flr.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week: Tuesday

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Demonstrate how unique features of the BEAM, Bogdan's/Björn's Erlang Abstract Machine, in combination with Eralng OTP can take your company's servers to the next level of resiliency and robustness. We'll be doing some very cool demos (github repo revealed after the talk)  and analyzing some key differences between the BEAM and JVM.   So, I hope JVM specialists will learn some interesting stuff not just about the BEAM but also about the JVM. 

Speaker: Irina Guberman

Principal Product Architect @xaptuminc

Blindly passionate software engineer/architect since 1997.  Enlightened and happy software engineer/architect since around 2010. That's when she discovered Erlang and the BEAM, its amazing VM, while dealing with an enormous scale distributed web server in online targeted advertising space running on JVM.  At that moment she knew there was a BEAM of light at the end of that tunnel...  

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