Speaker: Jessie Frazelle

Engineer @github, Xoogler, Ex-Docker Core Maintainer

Jessie Frazelle is a independent consultant. She is a computer programmer who has worked at GitHub, Microsoft, Google, Docker and various companies and startups before that. She’s worked on a lot of the open source projects in the container ecosystem as well as having a few projects of her own.

Find Jessie Frazelle at

Talk : A Journey Into Intel’s SGX

Talk : Panel: Secure Isolation of Applications

Talk : Go-lang AMA w/ Graham-Cumming, Frazelle & Patel

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Machine Learning Engineer @Autonomous Intelligent Driving
Machine Learning blogger and entrepreneur, Self-Driving Car Engineer Scholar @nvidia
Author of "The Dream Team Nightmare"
Technical Director for Operations and Reliability @FT (Financial Times)


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