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Workshop: Being Agile in a Remote Team

Duration: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: All

Key Takeaways

  • Know the difference between the types of distributed and remote teams and the challenges these teams face around collaboration

  • See how one organisation overcame these challenges and created a truly collaborative, agile culture despite being completely remote

  • Have a list of tools which can be used to support remote collaboration and know how they have contributed

  • Identified ways they can adopt these ideas in their own organisations

  • Have some additional resources to explore in their own context

  • Have some fun while learning


Participants should come prepared with their own questions and challenges around working in remote teams.  Addressing these will be part of the workshop.

In this experiential and interactive workshop Shane discuss his experience working in a distributed, virtual organization which is founded on an Agile Mindset. The challenges of maintaining agility when remote, the ways the ICAgile team have consciously designed their team and organization culture and provide actionable advice based on real experience on how to maintain collaboration, teamwork and live the agile values in a remote only organization. 

ICAgile is a global, virtual organisation working with partners across over 100 countries spanning almost every timezone. There is no single corporate office and the ICAgile team is spread across seven locations in three countries. We have managed to build a strong collaborative culture and a truly safe working environment focused on outcomes rather than activities, holding each other to account and being really effective and productive while having a joyful workplace.

Speaker: Shane Hastie


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