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Workshop: Introduction to Monitoring with Prometheus & Grafana

Location: Albert, 2nd flr.

Duration: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: Beginner

Key Takeaways

  • Prometheus' architecture and concepts

  • How to deploy and configure Prometheus and Grafana

  • Introduction to common monitoring patterns such as USE and RED method


Participants should have experience with Linux and the command line. Participants should bring their Linux or Mac laptop with Docker installed.

Prometheus is an opinionated monitoring and metrics collection system particularly suitable to modern microservice and cloud native workloads.   Prometheus' design challenges many of the existing assumptions, focusing on being self-contained, easy to operate and using pull-based metrics. Grafana is the leading open source software for building dashboards with Prometheus. 

This hands on workshop will provide an introduction to Prometheus and Grafana and cover the basic concepts and moving parts in a complete, modern monitoring system. This will include deploying a functioning Prometheus and Grafana setup, basic configuration and an introduction into some of the common monitoring patterns.

Speaker: Tom Wilkie

VP Product Company @grafana

Tom is VP Product at Grafana Labs and a maintainer of Prometheus. Previously Tom founded Kausal, a company working on Prometheus, and worked at companies such as Weaveworks, Google, Acunu and XenSource. In his spare time, Tom likes to make craft beer and build 3D printers

Find Tom Wilkie at


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