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Workshop: Negotiating for Your Career: How to Master Critical Conversations

Duration: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Day of week: Thursday

Level: All

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of Chris Voss's Negotiation Process

  • Practical experience in applying a fistful of negotiation tools to a scenario of your choice to help you get the outcome you want

  • A co-created negotiation strategy for a career scenario of your choice ready for you to execute after the workshop


Participants are willing to keep an open mind to gaining new skills as well as insights about themselves

Are you frustrated by conversations that go nowhere in spite of your best efforts to grow your career? Do you find meetings on professional development die a death without positive outcomes? Do you wish you could get more of your own way for the greater good?   

We believe that leadership begins with ourselves. And that most conversations involve some form of negotiation, from negotiating for organizational change to a pay rise and where to go for lunch.   

Join A.C.E. Negotiators (short for Agile, Chilled, and Empathetic) Portia Tung and Tom Roden, a pair of Agile coaches and leaders with more than 40 years of collective experience in Agile, for a chance to grow your negotiation skills and put them to the test in a safe, friendly and playful environment designed to help you be at your best. This fun and interactive workshop is based on the negotiation techniques used by FBI Agent Chris Voss, who has used it successfully from hostage negotiations to MBA classrooms and even at home.

Speaker: Portia Tung

Author of "The Dream Team Nightmare"

I’m an Executive Agile Coach, Executive & Personal Coach and Play Researcher who combines business strategies with play to bring about positive organisational change. I’m an international speaker, and the creator of concepts such as Playmaking and Enterprise Gardening. I specialise in Agile adoption and organisational change. I’ve had a number of roles over the years, ranging from Java developer, to development manager, Agile consultant-coach and facilitator. I’m passionate about realising and increasing human potential through Systems Thinking, Real Options and team collaboration. I strive to build effective and meaningful teams by pragmatically applying Lean and Agile Values, Principles and Practices. I’m also the author of The Dream Team Nightmare, the first ever Agile novel where your decisions determine the outcome of the story. If you’ve enjoyed my sessions or my coaching style, you’ll love this first novel in the Agile Adventures series.

Find Portia Tung at

Speaker: Tom Roden

Tom Roden is a coach and consultant, helping teams and people make the changes needed to thrive and adapt to the changing demands of their environment. He collaborates with those intent on achieving high quality delivery with speed and predictability, supporting ongoing improvement through process and practice refinement, influenced by agile and lean principles. 

Tom specialises in agile transformation and coaching, working across different groups and different levels of organisations, big and small to bring about positive change. 

As a coach he works with leaders and teams to experiment with new ideas and practices.  Tom is a regular conference speaker and the author of the books “Fifty Quick Ideas to improve your Tests” and “Fifty Quick Ideas to improve your Retrospectives”.

Find Tom Roden at


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