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Keynote: Interoperability of Open-Source Tools: The Emergence of Interfaces 

Location: Fleming / Whittle, 3rd flr. & Simulcast in Abbey, 4th flr.

Duration: 9:00am - 10:10am

Day of week: Wednesday

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In the past years, Kubernetes has been the nucleus of container orchestration frameworks. Numerous tools have been developed to extend Kubernetes capabilities and enhance its features. Over time, tools with similar functionalities would have fundamentally different implementations and practices to converge with the Kubernetes components. The emergence of shared standards and a set of best practices became imperative. 

This talk will focus on the evolution of interfaces within the Kubernetes landscape, including networking, storage, service mesh and cluster provisioning. Attendees will acquire an understanding of why the interoperability of open-source tools is pivotal in the modern infrastructure. 


What is the work you’re doing today?


I am a Cloud Platform Engineer for American Express. Currently, I am part of the team that aims to transmogrify the current platform by embracing the cloud native principles and making the best use of the open-source tools.


What are your goals for the talk?


In this talk, I will outline the evolution of interfaces within the Kubernetes landscape and the impact it had on its identity. Advocacy of an extensible system via interfaces proved to be the prime engine for innovation, that resulted with Kubernetes becoming the default container orchestrator framework.


What do you want people to leave the talk with?


Attendees will leave with an understanding of the impact the emergence of interfaces had on the vendors, end-users and the open-source community. Additionally, a deep-dive of ClusterAPI will be presented, aiming to outline the power of standardisation and consolidation at the cluster level.


What do you think is the next big disruption in software?


I am a vivid supporter of a consistent and seamless developer experience when interacting with infrastructure components. As such, I am excited to observe the rise of a GitOps practices that gravitate towards open-source tools. 

Speaker: Katie Gamanji

Cloud Platform Engineer @AmericanExpress, former @condenastint

Currently a Cloud Platform Engineer at American Express. Former cloud platforms engineer at Condé Nast, that contributed to the creation of a centralized, globally distributed platform, with Kubernetes as its centerpiece. In the past worked on maintaining and automating site delivery on OpenStack based infrastructure, which transitioned into a role that focuses on designing, deploying and evolving cloud-native infrastructure.

A strong advocate for women in STEM, and public speaker on topics that gravitate towards cloud-native tools and Kubernetes ecosystem. 

Find Katie Gamanji at

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