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Presentation: Climate Change & Tech, Good and Bad Bedfellows

Track: When Things Go Wrong: GDPR, Ethics, & Politics

Location: Windsor, 5th flr.

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Monday

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Climate Change is the current talk of tech. There are VC funds and investors talking about investments that are going to make a big impact. Big tech is shouting about it’s green credentials with big promises about going green and hitting ambitious goals. But what is actually going on? Are we actually on the right side of the debate on this one? Do we get to be on the side of “good” simply because we work in tech? Are we actually the baddies in this story?  In this talk Paul will explore the impacts of climate change, what kind of impact technology companies are actually having, some strategy tools we can use, look at the changing world of business continuity and disaster recovery and show how to identify high and low impact interventions. This talk will be good for anyone grappling with how to understand issues around the environment, tech and strategy at all levels.

Speaker: Paul Johnston

CEO @roundaboutlabs

Paul Johnston is an interim CTO, CTO and strategist who has particular interests in serverless, cloud, startups and climate change. Formerly Senior Developer Advocate at AWS for Serverless and CTO of multiple startups including one of the world’s first serverless startups. Paul is also an unpaid Director of a Community Energy Company in his home town of Milton Keynes, which owns over 300kW of solar arrays on buildings in the area, and aims to use the profits to benefit the local community.

Paul is a keynote speaker, tweets a lot at @PaulDJohnston and blogs a lot on Medium. May also be working in stealth mode on something (it’s probably serverless and to do with energy).

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