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Presentation: Quarkus

Track: Bare Knuckle Performance

Location: St James, 4th flr.

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Tuesday

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There’s a radical advance in Java development waiting for you, right here. Why is everyone excited about Quarkus? Does it really produce sub-atomic applications? Is it an exaggeration to say it boots at “supersonic” speed?

If you wonder how these figures are even possible, this is the session for you: we’ll see it in action, empower you to repeat the tests yourself, and explain how it works.

Costs of cloud infrastructure, Continuous Delivery, Kubernetes, reactive scalability, microservices… all are pushing for a radical redesign of our favourite platforms, of our deployment models. But is it possible to keep using the battle-tested libraries we have experience with? To keep programming with the APIs we’re familiar with? To keep benefitting from the JVM? What about the standards we all invested in?

Come join us and learn how Quarkus can make this all happen, either by leveraging high density deployments via GraalVM native images, or by targeting the traditional JVM: in both cases we’ll push the efficiency bar to the extreme.

Speaker: Sanne Grinovero

Senior Principal Software Engineer @RedHat

Sanne Grinovero has been a member of the Hibernate team for 10 years; today he leads this project in his role of Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, while also working on Quarkus as a founding R&D engineer.

Deeply interested in solving performance and concurrency challenges around data access, scalability, and exploring integration with new storage technologies, distributed systems and search engines.

Working on Hibernate features led him to contribute to related open source technologies; most notably to Apache Lucene and Elasticsearch, Infinispan and JGroups, ANTLR, WildFly, various JDBC drivers, the OpenJDK and more recently getting interested in GraalVM.

After being challenged to reduce memory consumption and improve bootstrap times of Hibernate, Sanne worked as part of a small R&D team at Red Hat on some ideas which have evolved into what is known today as Quarkus.

He lived in Holland, Italy, the Caribbean Islands, Chile, Portugal and currently hacks in London.

Find Sanne Grinovero at

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